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Accredited Homeschooling Curriculum

More and more students are applying for fewer places in college today. As college admissions becomes more competitive, there seems to be a market for anything that has the potential to give one student an edge over another. For some parents, this advantage comes in the form of tutoring or enrollment in private schools. For other parents, it comes in the form of individualized instruction through an accredited distance learning homeschool curriculum.

While any parent who chooses to, can home school a child, doing so without the benefits of some type of instruction or certification is risky business, especially if there is a potentially college-bound student involved. For parents who want to home school their child without putting him or her at a disadvantage in terms of future admission into a college or university, an accredited homeschooling curriculum is nothing short of a must-have. An accredited curriculum is a program of instruction provided by a school that has essentially been reviewed by a licensing agency in order to ensure that it is both in line with state academic standards, but also with college admission standards.

It’s not a hard sell, but here are the top 5 reasons for why parents should use an accredited homeschooling curriculum to educate their children:

1. Accredited – As was mentioned earlier, a curriculum of instruction that has been accredited is as official as it gets. The use of an accredited curriculum means that the courses that a student takes will not only be recognized for purposes of high school credits and graduation, but it also means that when colleges look at the courses for admission purposes, they will be considered equal to any class that might have been taken at a traditional public or private school.

2. College Placement – While children who are homeschooled are not at a significant disadvantage when it comes to college admission, receiving instruction that follows the guidelines of an accredited homeschooling curriculum certainly cannot hurt. In fact, homeschooling students often have an increased chance of succeeding in a college prep-type of class as part of an accredited curriculum for the simple fact that they have been able to focus solely on the requirement of the class.

3. One-to-One Ratio – Unlike traditional schools which can be overcrowded, a homeschooling classroom usually only has one student and one teacher. Couple this with an accredited curriculum of instruction, and you have a recipe for academic success that few settings can compete with.

4. Records and Transcripts – Recordkeeping is a huge part of the high school and college process. Whether for scholarships or admission, access to records and transcripts is often a troublesome component. With the help of an accredited homeschooling curriculum, not only are those records readily and easily available at home, but the information they contain is legitimized by the fact that the instruction has been recognized by an accrediting agency.

5. Curriculum Is Provided – What troubles most parents when they decide to homeschool a child is what their curriculum is supposed to look like. With the help of an accredited homeschooling curriculum, there is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel. Certainly, some changes and modifications might take place, but they will often be minimal in nature and in scope.