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Which data sets are you going to use?

Capital city Zagreb published data on

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Mobile friendly web site for local and national consulting with the public in the preparation of making laws, rules and regulations.


Right now consulting with public is separated on national and local level. There is no conection betwen them. For local consulting there is no notification for new entry but you had to regulary check for new entry. Both local and national solutions are desktopn oriented, there is no possibility to participate with mobile devices. Our solution will increase participation of citizens in preparation of laws, rules and regulation.


With mobile friendly platform that will indexed sites that published above mentioned data and collect them in central database. Data in central database will be published on mobile friendly site with additional options for sending notifications to registered user and additional options to connect user with similar interest for better analysis and exchange of opinion.


For web PHP, HTML, CSS, For database MySQL, For web scrapping Python, Ruby, Java

Future plans

Consulting with public is increasing, right now Croatia goverment is putting this in new changes in Law on public procurement so we belive that this solution will have more and more users.